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Three Reasons Your Story Sucks

…and one way to fix it Facts tell, but stories sell. If you’re not sure if your story is any good, you’re probably right.  That’s the bad news. The good news is that it’s easy to fix. Three reasons why your story sucks: It’s too long It’s too boring It’s irrelevant So if you want […]

What Game Of Thrones Taught Me About Influence

Like it or not, Game of Thrones captivated a nation. I didn’t want to watch it. I didn’t want to like it. “It’s not my kind of show,” I said. And by the second episode I was hooked. The final season has been the talk of water coolers, social media, and news channels all over […]

Storytelling for Left-Brained Data-Driven Presenters

Struggling with too much content and not enough story? Wondering why the facts aren’t doing the job? Wishing your audience cared a little more about your message? Maybe you’re not accessing the best tool you have to wrap data in a way that persuades your audience.

Why a Good Storytelling Isn’t Always Enough to Win the Business

Story-driven influence has more impact. But it’s not always the best story that wins. Good Storytelling versus Good Story Selling Last night we were having dinner with friends and the woman across from me was raving about her travel agent. She told story after story about how this agent helped them out and saved them […]

The Power of Sharing Your Story Endorsed by Oprah

Storytelling isn’t always just for the listener. I read this article today (link below) that Oprah wrote about the healing power of sharing your story. It occurred to me that as a storytelling speaker, I’m always talking about story as a tool to influence others. Today I am reminded that story is also a tool […]

Your Vendor Pitch: Three Reasons Why Nobody Is Listening To It

Are your presentations putting people to sleep? As a motivational keynote speaker, I have listened to many vendor and sponsor pitches over the years and I have yet to see anyone do it really well. They get just a few minutes to generate enough interest to send those attendees to their booth to hear more.  […]

If You’re Not Telling Stories, You’re Not Connecting

Kelly Swanson The Story Formula

[embedyt][/embedyt] Stories are nice, but we really don’t have time for stories. We need teaching points and action steps. We need to start telling stories in order to connect with others. I feel weird using personal stories in my presentation. I was told not to talk about myself on stage. I’m a heavy content […]

Story Is The Heart of Customer Service

The Art of Connection I think we can all agree that the secret to serving customers has gone beyond the delivery of quality service with a smile. The old adage “The Customer Is Always Right” doesn’t seem to cut it anymore.  Despite the years and money we have all spent on learning how to improve […]