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I received an email from someone in Nigeria yesterday informing me that a long-lost relative had left me a sizeable inheritance. I didn’t even read it before I erased it. In the grocery store parking lot last week, a man approached me and said he had my favorite brand of perfume for just $20. I […]

How Do I Know If My Audience Likes My Story?

How can I tell whether my story is making an impact on my audience?I tried a brand-new story, but I’m not sure if they appreciated it.Is there a tale I could be telling that would be more effective?When I help businesspeople improve their presentation skills, I frequently hear and ask myself all of these things. […]

How To Emcee Like A Rock Star

Funny Motivational Speaker and Speaker Coach, teaches you how to be an amazing emcee. I recently had the honor of presiding as the conference’s emcee. I was responsible for introducing 11 speakers, making announcements, and maintaining the timetable. Being a keynote speaker for more than 15 years, I thought it would be simple. How difficult […]

A funny moment about house visits

Do I really need to see EVERY room when I come to visit? Funny motivational speaker brings you another giggle. Want more? Book her to speak at your next event! #humor #funnymotivationalspeaker

A Little Holiday Humor

Stress of the season getting you down? Need a laugh? Of course you do! Let funny motivational speaker tickle your funny bone.

Protest Outside the Piggly Wiggly

Another hilarious tale by funny motivational speaker Kelly Swanson – just to make you laugh The Protest Outside the Piggly Wiggly Funny Motivational Speaker Has Another Tale From Prides Hollow Hey. It’s me again. I don’t have much time, so I have to be quick. There was a protest today outside of the Piggly Wiggly. […]

Prides Hollow Short: Worst Wedding Guest Ever!

Funny motivational speaker, Kelly Swanson, shares another hilarious tale from Prides Hollow, her small town with the big heart, where the people stay, but the gossip travels. Come today to find out who her cousin brought to Buck and Betty’s wedding. It was ridiculous. And luckily, Kelly was there to witness it firsthand, and pass […]

I’ve Done Caught The Ringworm!

OMG – I’ve done caught the ringworm! You can read about it now, or click the video below to hear me tell you in person on the youtube.Here’s what happened… So I was checking out my backside the other day. I do that from time to time. It takes a while. Don’t be judging. And […]

Nester Sees Jesus On The Side Of His Garage

Another hilarious tale by funny motivational speaker Kelly Swanson Nester Sees Jesus  Hey ya’ll. It’s me again. I don’t have long, but you have got to hear what happened. Cousin Nester called us all up this morning to say that Jesus had appeared on the side of his garage – not in the flesh, or […]