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An Easy Way To Write a Story

Some individuals enjoy crafting stories. Not so much the other stuff. The number of speakers who have difficulty composing speeches and anecdotes astounds me. You need to have the ability to weave compelling stories into your speeches if you want to be a successful keynote speaker. Here is one easy—really easy—method I employ while writing […]

I received an email from someone in Nigeria yesterday informing me that a long-lost relative had left me a sizeable inheritance. I didn’t even read it before I erased it. In the grocery store parking lot last week, a man approached me and said he had my favorite brand of perfume for just $20. I […]

How Story Can Help Your Pitch

Instead of selling the data, tell the story instead.I recently had the privilege of sharing my Story Formula as a motivational speaker and strategic storytelling specialist at a weekend retreat in Texas for a non-profit organization called Chicktime (, which, by the way, has quickly become my favorite charity initiative out there. They successfully held […]

How Do I Know If My Audience Likes My Story?

How can I tell whether my story is making an impact on my audience?I tried a brand-new story, but I’m not sure if they appreciated it.Is there a tale I could be telling that would be more effective?When I help businesspeople improve their presentation skills, I frequently hear and ask myself all of these things. […]

How to Attract and Engage Members

It’s not that you’re acting improperly. It’s because you’re posing the incorrect queries.Do you understand why people leave your association? I was giving leadership coaching to a national business association that was having trouble retaining members. They have been rising steadily for years. But then something happened, and their numbers started slowly declining. Their present […]

How To Find A Story Idea

I frequently get asked how I find tales. Looking at your own life and the lessons you’ve had to learn the hard way is the quickest method to come up with a story. Embarrassing circumstances are excellent story-building opportunities. A Facebook group for speakers recently requested that we share an embarrassing story. I took a […]

Storytelling Tips for Data-Driven Presenters

Where the Business of Persuasion Meets the Art of StorytellingI have dedicated my life to practicing, learning, and passing on the craft of strategic storytelling to those who wish to employ it as a tool to affect and persuade others. I think of myself as an artist first, exploring words like musical notes and never […]

I’ve Done Caught The Ringworm!

OMG – I’ve done caught the ringworm! You can read about it now, or click the video below to hear me tell you in person on the youtube.Here’s what happened… So I was checking out my backside the other day. I do that from time to time. It takes a while. Don’t be judging. And […]

Nester Sees Jesus On The Side Of His Garage

Another hilarious tale by funny motivational speaker Kelly Swanson Nester Sees Jesus  Hey ya’ll. It’s me again. I don’t have long, but you have got to hear what happened. Cousin Nester called us all up this morning to say that Jesus had appeared on the side of his garage – not in the flesh, or […]

The Tree

A Simple Story About Childhood by Motivational Speaker Kelly Swanson Inspired by my recent visit to Spruce Pine, North Carolina, where I met some of my people – and heard this story. It’s Just A TreeA Story About ChildhoodBy Kelly Swanson I wrote this story from my trip to Spruce Pine, North Carolina. This story […]