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Why Leaders Need To Be Good Storytellers

Everyone in business claims that the game has completely shifted. I am opposed. The manner we play the game has evolved, but I believe the game itself is still the same. We have entered a brand-new playground. One thing still underlies the art of influencing…Where the craft of storytelling meets the world of persuasivenessI was […]

The Danger of Taking Advice from Other Speakers

A speaking peer recommend me for a job and I got it. Because she had done it the year before, it was only natural that she give me advice on what they are looking for, what the audience is like, and what she did that worked. “They really want heavy content and they really care […]

Want to teach your employees how to tell better stories?

Why Stories Matter To Your Bottom Line Every person in your organization has the power to affect the brand and tell better stories. Are you teaching people how to be powerful storytellers of your brand? Every single person in the organization has the power to affect the bottom line. Whether it’s an employee’s impact on […]

Why Strategic Storytelling is Needed for Your Business

Strategic Storytelling will Save Your Business! Here are some of the strategies that explains why it would.  The ability to tap into your customer’s story is what makes them buy from you. The ability to connect your employee’s story to the corporate story is what results in premium engagement. The ability to crystallize a vision […]