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Three Reasons Your Story Sucks

…and one way to fix it Facts tell, but stories sell. If you’re not sure if your story is any good, you’re probably right.  That’s the bad news. The good news is that it’s easy to fix. Three reasons why your story sucks: It’s too long It’s too boring It’s irrelevant So if you want […]

Your Vendor Pitch: Three Reasons Why Nobody Is Listening To It

Are your presentations putting people to sleep? As a motivational keynote speaker, I have listened to many vendor and sponsor pitches over the years and I have yet to see anyone do it really well. They get just a few minutes to generate enough interest to send those attendees to their booth to hear more.  […]

Want to teach your employees how to tell better stories?

Why Stories Matter To Your Bottom Line Every person in your organization has the power to affect the brand and tell better stories. Are you teaching people how to be powerful storytellers of your brand? Every single person in the organization has the power to affect the bottom line. Whether it’s an employee’s impact on […]