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How Story Can Help Your Pitch

Instead of selling the data, tell the story instead.I recently had the privilege of sharing my Story Formula as a motivational speaker and strategic storytelling specialist at a weekend retreat in Texas for a non-profit organization called Chicktime (, which, by the way, has quickly become my favorite charity initiative out there. They successfully held […]

How To Tell Your Business Story

The majority of employees, according to statistics, don’t trust their managers. Institutions are no longer regarded as reliable. Buyers have little faith in sellers. We don’t have an issue with selling, leading, or marketing. There is a TRUST issue. kswansonFACT: Referrals from a reliable source account for over 90% of internet shoppers’ purchasing choices. Why […]

Are Your Campus Tour Guides Leaving Money On The Table?

Are you letting these opportunities come and go?Many of my friends who are parents and have chosen the higher education for their children were surveyed. I was surprised by how many of them claimed that visiting the school was frequently the determining factor when I asked them how much the college tour influenced their decision. […]

Good Writing Starts With Good Watchin

Good watching comes before good writing. My mother instilled in me the rudeness of staring. So I’m sorry if I caught you looking at me in the airport terminal. Simply put, I find you fascinating. I find it fascinating how you repeatedly tap your foot and wonder if it is a nervous habit or if […]

Episode 10: The Rose

To watch on Youtube To listen on Buzzsprout (and on most podcast channels) To Read: This episode is based on a true story, and dedicated to Scottie Barnes, founder of, and the one who shared this story with me. I think this story will mean a little something to everyone who hears it. But […]

The Power of Sharing Your Story Endorsed by Oprah

Storytelling isn’t always just for the listener. I read this article today (link below) that Oprah wrote about the healing power of sharing your story. It occurred to me that as a storytelling speaker, I’m always talking about story as a tool to influence others. Today I am reminded that story is also a tool […]

Want to teach your employees how to tell better stories?

Why Stories Matter To Your Bottom Line Every person in your organization has the power to affect the brand and tell better stories. Are you teaching people how to be powerful storytellers of your brand? Every single person in the organization has the power to affect the bottom line. Whether it’s an employee’s impact on […]

Hello Search Engines Kelly Swanson Motivational Speaker is Here!

Telling Google That Kelly Swanson Motivational Speaker Has a New Website For those of you confused by this post, as a Motivational Speaker I’m doing what many Motivational Speakers need to do with new websites – let Google know we’re here. Yeah. I sound smarter than I am. This has been a BIG learning curve for […]

The Best Story: Stop Looking For It

Sometimes The Best Story Doesn’t Win I get it. As motivational speakers, we are all about finding the best story. Stories engage and entertain. They inspire and motivate. They allow you to hold the audience in the palm of your hand. For years, it’s been easy to stand out as a speaker if you were […]

Why Strategic Storytelling is Needed for Your Business

Strategic Storytelling will Save Your Business! Here are some of the strategies that explains why it would.  The ability to tap into your customer’s story is what makes them buy from you. The ability to connect your employee’s story to the corporate story is what results in premium engagement. The ability to crystallize a vision […]