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An Easy Way To Write a Story

Some individuals enjoy crafting stories. Not so much the other stuff. The number of speakers who have difficulty composing speeches and anecdotes astounds me. You need to have the ability to weave compelling stories into your speeches if you want to be a successful keynote speaker. Here is one easy—really easy—method I employ while writing […]

I received an email from someone in Nigeria yesterday informing me that a long-lost relative had left me a sizeable inheritance. I didn’t even read it before I erased it. In the grocery store parking lot last week, a man approached me and said he had my favorite brand of perfume for just $20. I […]

How Story Can Help Your Pitch

Instead of selling the data, tell the story instead.I recently had the privilege of sharing my Story Formula as a motivational speaker and strategic storytelling specialist at a weekend retreat in Texas for a non-profit organization called Chicktime (, which, by the way, has quickly become my favorite charity initiative out there. They successfully held […]

Why Unpolished Is The New Polished

What Catch’s YOUR Eye?I use social media extensively. I chuckle I cry. I take in music. I buy things. I get in touch with my pals. I research popular videos and sharing platforms. I’ve discovered that a video’s likelihood of being shared decreases as it gets finer. I never see anyone sharing slick, professional, high-quality […]

Prides Hollow Short: Worst Wedding Guest Ever!

Funny motivational speaker, Kelly Swanson, shares another hilarious tale from Prides Hollow, her small town with the big heart, where the people stay, but the gossip travels. Come today to find out who her cousin brought to Buck and Betty’s wedding. It was ridiculous. And luckily, Kelly was there to witness it firsthand, and pass […]

Are Your Campus Tour Guides Leaving Money On The Table?

Are you letting these opportunities come and go?Many of my friends who are parents and have chosen the higher education for their children were surveyed. I was surprised by how many of them claimed that visiting the school was frequently the determining factor when I asked them how much the college tour influenced their decision. […]

I’ve Done Caught The Ringworm!

OMG – I’ve done caught the ringworm! You can read about it now, or click the video below to hear me tell you in person on the youtube.Here’s what happened… So I was checking out my backside the other day. I do that from time to time. It takes a while. Don’t be judging. And […]

Three Reasons Your Story Sucks

…and one way to fix it Facts tell, but stories sell. If you’re not sure if your story is any good, you’re probably right.  That’s the bad news. The good news is that it’s easy to fix. Three reasons why your story sucks: It’s too long It’s too boring It’s irrelevant So if you want […]

Be Careful of Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Another Funny “Only Kelly” Moment Me to My Husband, Bill:     Bill – look! My phone is blowing UP with all these stories about people getting this flesh-eating bacteria from getting into the ocean! Bill:    You’re kidding. (Not even breaking stride in his email checking) Me:     It’s true! It’s right here. A man who’s about to lose his arm. […]

Your Vendor Pitch: Three Reasons Why Nobody Is Listening To It

Are your presentations putting people to sleep? As a motivational keynote speaker, I have listened to many vendor and sponsor pitches over the years and I have yet to see anyone do it really well. They get just a few minutes to generate enough interest to send those attendees to their booth to hear more.  […]