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Episode 10: The Rose

To watch on Youtube To listen on Buzzsprout (and on most podcast channels) To Read: This episode is based on a true story, and dedicated to Scottie Barnes, founder of, and the one who shared this story with me. I think this story will mean a little something to everyone who hears it. But […]

Episode 9: Bitsy Does Zumba

To watch: To Listen: To Read (Below) The challenge that Old Man Withers gave our town, not only woke people up from their comfort zones, but also fired up the gossip chain. Which really didn’t need any help, but now, had become something of an Olympic sport. That’s why I had to start […]

Episode 8: The Laundromat

Join us today in the Prides Hollow laundromat, where the faded pageant queens hold their own kind of court, and the gentle hum of a dryer can heal a wounded soul. Come meet Pearl, the queen of this laundromat. And Trulee Dupree, living a fairy tale gone bad. Both are holding  a secret, that after […]

Episode 1: What Virus?

A little humor and hope to help you cope. Video Version: Podcast Version: Audio Version: Transcription/Written Version : Hey y’all, it’s me coming to you from my living room, which has, well, seen a lot of living lately thanks to this whole COVID-19 or whatever I’m supposed to call it. So yeah, the virus thing […]

An Easy Way To Write a Story

Some individuals enjoy crafting stories. Not so much the other stuff. The number of speakers who have difficulty composing speeches and anecdotes astounds me. You need to have the ability to weave compelling stories into your speeches if you want to be a successful keynote speaker. Here is one easy—really easy—method I employ while writing […]

I received an email from someone in Nigeria yesterday informing me that a long-lost relative had left me a sizeable inheritance. I didn’t even read it before I erased it. In the grocery store parking lot last week, a man approached me and said he had my favorite brand of perfume for just $20. I […]

How Story Can Help Your Pitch

Instead of selling the data, tell the story instead.I recently had the privilege of sharing my Story Formula as a motivational speaker and strategic storytelling specialist at a weekend retreat in Texas for a non-profit organization called Chicktime (, which, by the way, has quickly become my favorite charity initiative out there. They successfully held […]

Why Unpolished Is The New Polished

What Catch’s YOUR Eye?I use social media extensively. I chuckle I cry. I take in music. I buy things. I get in touch with my pals. I research popular videos and sharing platforms. I’ve discovered that a video’s likelihood of being shared decreases as it gets finer. I never see anyone sharing slick, professional, high-quality […]

How To Tell Your Business Story

The majority of employees, according to statistics, don’t trust their managers. Institutions are no longer regarded as reliable. Buyers have little faith in sellers. We don’t have an issue with selling, leading, or marketing. There is a TRUST issue. kswansonFACT: Referrals from a reliable source account for over 90% of internet shoppers’ purchasing choices. Why […]

Presentation Skills for Executives

Here we go….more advice for executives from someone who’s never been one. Yeah. Kind of, in my opinion, what’s wrong with the world. People who are giving you leadership advice but have never actually had a leadership position. People that claim to know the secret to being wealthy haven’t succeeded themselves, though. The same old […]

Are Your Customer Service Scripts Stale?

Note: If you’re reading this in search of any helpful advice, you’re in the wrong place. You might require this article because of the “few helpful tips” approach. Let’s concentrate totally on a different viewpoint. Then, I’m sure you’ll think of a few useful suggestions for implementation. I worked in a family firm that (short […]

Your Story Must Have a Point

In the course of our coaching session, he stated, “I want to relate a story about my mom. “Good,” I replied. Tell me the narrative, please. “My mum raised me by herself. She put in a ton of effort, working two or even three jobs to make sure we had a wonderful life. Even though […]

The Most Important Story You Will Tell In Sales

The trust that Americans have in their fellow citizens may be at an all-time low. Since the Pew Research Center began conducting surveys in 1958, the public’s trust in the government has never been lower. Additionally, fewer Americans today than ever before believe that “most individuals can be trusted.” Associated Press Those assuming leadership roles […]