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Training & Consulting

Create a Story-Driven Culture to Connect, Persuade, and WOW

Leveraging The Persuasion Principle framework, Kelly Swanson, along with her expert story dream-team, will transform your organization into master storytellers, ensuring they connect and engage in every interaction.

“Kelly Swanson is a Storytelling Virtuoso who unlocks the dormant storyteller in each of us”

The Persuasion Principle

Elevate Your Brand, Engage Your Audience & Drive Results

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, organizations face challenges in distinguishing themselves and forging genuine connections. Traditional strategies often don’t resonate, leading to disengaged teams and unimpressed clients.

A brand without a compelling story risks its message being overlooked, impacting sales, marketing effectiveness, and team alignment with core values. This narrative gap can stifle growth, erode customer loyalty, and decrease the brand’s overall value.

Through her training and consulting services, Kelly Swanson empowers organizations to harness the transformative power of storytelling. Whether enhancing your digital presence, scripting powerful presentations, or team-building exercises, Kelly’s storytelling techniques ensure that your message resonates, connects, and leaves a lasting impact.

Many Communicate, but Few Connect

People buy from sales professionals that they like, trust, and genuinely want to know. And, this holds true in any platform of persuasion. The problem is, most of us tend to rely on facts, figures, and information – thinking it will make the difference. 

But it won’t.

The Difference is Story

Strategic storytelling is your solution to connecting, engaging, and gaining more influence with your team, your customers, and your market.

Build Authentic Connections

Grow Your Influence

Achieve Real Results

“Kelly Swanson has the unique ability to take any story and turn it into an Oscar-Winning performance!”

Steve Balaban | Mink Capital

Together Let’s

Find the Stories that Work for You

Provide Blueprint for Success

Strategy to implement teaching, coaching, and consulting to achieve results.

Teach the Story Skillset

Employees learn the essential skillset to masterfully craft impactful stories.

Craft Sales Stories

We guide you in finding and crafting the unique narratives that truly benefit you.

Write Brand Marketing Stories

Create a portfolio of brand stories & consistent messaging that connects.

Level Up Your Presentations

Incorporate compelling narratives into both existing and upcoming presentations for maximum impact.

Create and Maintain Buy-In

Galvanize employees, fostering enthusiasm and inspiring them to “play along”.

Consulting Solution Steps

Our flexibility allows us to take these concepts and mold them to fit your desired results, timeframe, and budget.

Strategy Sessions & Private Coaching

Experience personalized consultations with Kelly, tailored for individuals or small groups. Dive deep into your overall story strategy and discover the most effective implementation methods. Whether you need private assistance with your stories, presentations, or pitches, Kelly is here to guide you. Opt for face-to-face sessions with Kelly flying to your location or choose the convenience of online meetings.

Live/Virtual Presentations & Workshops

Our teaching sessions provide condensed versions of our full curriculum, ensuring you get the essence of the content. These sessions are complemented by group Q&A sessions, a kick-off event, and a collaborative workshop where we craft our ‘WHY’ story together. All these elements can be structured in a way that best aligns with and serves the unique requirements of your group.

Story Impact Academy

Includes our Persuasion Principle Course which provides a rich curriculum through self-paced online videos. Participants can directly pose questions to Kelly within the course. Plus, we offer exclusive monthly online office hours, where your team can seek direct guidance from Kelly, enhancing the learning experience.

Monthly Newsletter

Stay updated with our monthly newsletter, collaboratively crafted by Kelly and your team. This newsletter spotlights the captivating stories of your organization, showcasing how individuals are leveraging the power of storytelling. It’s a fantastic platform to highlight and celebrate your employees, making them feel recognized and valued for their unique contributions.

“Working with Kelly is like getting a master’s degree in storytelling. I walked away with significantly better presentations that allowed me to make better connections with my audiences.”

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