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Magical, heartwarming, and incredibly funny journey – award-winning storyteller, comedian, and author, Kelly Swanson, will have you laughing your way through her unforgettable theatrical productions.

“Kelly had our audience laughing nonstop. She has a unique ability to weave the stories she presents with an authenticity that connects all the dots: humor, compassion, self-discovery and the jubilation of realizing that you are enough.

Diane Wood, Cultural & Civic Services Director
Tarpon Arts / City of Tarpon Springs, Florida

Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale?

Join Kelly, her hilarious friend “Chardonnay”, and a colorful cast for a heartwarming, laugh-out-loud journey. This isn’t just a comedy show; it’s a transformative experience that intertwines your story with Kelly’s, reminding you that fairy tales can come true with a bit of courage. 

Described as real, raw, and uproariously funny, this show is the perfect girls’ night out, offering a rollercoaster of emotions and a gift of laughter and empowerment.

Prides Hollow

Kelly Swanson, an award-winning storyteller and comedian brings to life the enchanting world of Prides Hollow. Through her vivid storytelling, Kelly transforms into an array of characters, each with a story that tugs at the heartstrings and tickles the funny bone.

Described as a modern-day Mark Twain, a southern Garrison Keillor, and a blend of Melissa McCarthy, Reba, and Minnie Pearl, Kelly’s narratives resonate deeply, akin to cozying up by a fire in a Cracker Barrel on a chilly morning. Her tales are likened to those of a female Steinbeck, rich in humor and profound insights.

Join Kelly in Prides Hollow, a charming town just beyond the edge of the map, where you’ll find familiar faces, perhaps even your own reflection, and a warm casserole always waiting. This isn’t just a show; it’s an experience that changes perspectives and touches souls.

The Prides Hollow Podcast

Welcome to Prides Hollow, the small town with a big heart. Where people stay but the gossip travels. Award-winning storyteller Kelly Swanson takes you to her town of Prides Hollow, about a mile and a hair past nowhere. Where the simple life is revered, ordinary heroes are appreciated, and the stories are never fancy – they’re just about the people. And everything is better with a casserole and a bless your heart. It’s the mythical town filled with people you know. Season 1 is all about the challenge Old Man Wither’s has left to the town – to do something brave. These are their stories. Plenty of humor with lots of heart.

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