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Master Storyteller Kelly Swanson, CSP, CPAE

Experience the Transformative Power of Storytelling

Whether on stage or online, Kelly’s audiences discover how story can redefine personal growth, elevate brands, inspire leadership, and unify teams.

Courtney Fleming loves Master Storytelling Speaker Kelly Swanson

Kelly Swanson provided the perfect closing to our event. Her ability to use storytelling to motivate and encourage a group of business professionals is remarkable. We laughed until we cried and left the event ready to take on the next project. We look forward to using her again and again.”

Courtney Fleming | VA Bankers Association

The Perfect Blend of Entertainment and Content

Kelly's Speaking Programs

Are you looking for a speaker who can not only entertain but also leave a lasting impression? Meet Kelly Swanson, an award-winning Master Storyteller and Hall of Fame Speaker. With her unique blend of humor and content, Kelly ensures that your audience is both entertained and enriched. 

Whether you’re in search of a motivational speaker to inspire laughter and heartfelt connections or a strategic storytelling expert to empower your team with the tools to connect and engage, Kelly is your answer. With Kelly Swanson, you’re guaranteed a memorable experience filled with laughter, insights, and powerful narratives tailored to your group’s needs.

Who Hijacked My Fairytale – Kelly Swanson Motivational Speaking Program

Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale

How to Create a Winning Mindset by Living a Story-Driven Life

In a world where self-doubt and external pressures often dictate our narrative, many of us are held captive by stories that diminish our true potential. These limiting beliefs create barriers to personal growth, leading to feelings of stagnation and unfulfillment. Kelly Swanson believes if you want to change your life, you must start by changing your story.

In this hysterically funny, motivational program, Kelly draws from her own journey of overcoming challenges and reshaping her narrative, blending humor with profound insights to inspire a shift in perspective.

Participants are guided to rewrite their own stories, cultivating a winning mindset that unlocks passion, purpose, and confidence. With Kelly’s unique storytelling approach, individuals are empowered to not only envision a brighter future but to actively pursue it.

Learning Objectives

Story-Driven Impact

Where the art of story meets the business of persuasion

No matter what industry you are in, or what job title you hold, at some point you will find yourself in a position of influence – wanting or needing to convince someone else to do something. The goal is clear: to connect, engage, persuade, and leave a lasting impact. Yet, many professionals find themselves falling short, often missing that crucial emotional connection that drives action and loyalty. 

Enter the transformative power of storytelling.

By the end of this highly interactive program, participants will not only understand the mechanics of effective storytelling but will also be equipped to harness its power in their professional roles. 

Whether you’re pitching a product, leading a team, or serving a customer, storytelling is the key to forging deeper connections and achieving desired outcomes. Under Kelly Swanson’s expert guidance, you’ll master the art of crafting compelling stories that hit the mark every time.

Learning Objectives

“Thank you, Kelly, for a very inspirational, funny, and practical talk! You have kick-started something in our organization that will make a profound difference in our culture”

Tri Tang | Carolinas Healthcare

Kelly's Programs Are Perfect For...

Growth & Inspiration

Every individual holds a narrative within them, shaping their perceptions, actions, and overall well-being. Often, the barriers to happiness and success stem from the stories we tell ourselves. By reshaping these narratives, you can unlock a life where you show up as your best self, passionately pursue your goals, and find joy in every endeavor.

Sales & Marketing

In a competitive marketplace inundated with information, the key to standing out is forging genuine human connections. Data alone cannot evoke the emotions that drive purchasing decisions. Kelly teaches sales and marketing pros to use storytelling to humanize their brand, earn trust, and cultivate a loyal customer base drawn to your unique narrative.

Team Dynamics

A team’s strength lies in its collective narrative. By embracing and understanding each member’s story, teams build empathy, align with the company’s vision, and collaboratively pursue common goals. When every member recognizes the power of their personal narrative and its alignment with the team’s mission, it creates a ripple effect of positivity and collaboration.


True leadership transcends mere directives. It’s about inspiring trust, fostering belief, and creating a vision that resonates. With storytelling, leaders can authentically connect with their teams, casting visions that ignite passion and rallying teams around transformative change. It’s not just about telling people what to do; it’s about making them want to be part of the journey.