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“Working with Kelly was an absolute pleasure this last year! As the Event Manager of 15+ events that Kelly spoke at in 2019, I always looked forward to seeing her smiling face. Not only was she incredibly kind and easy to work with from a logistics standpoint, our audience truly related and enjoyed her keynote presentation!”

Margaret Lecey | Event Manager

🌟 "A Day in the Life: Inspiring Change as a Closing Keynote Speaker" 🎤✨

Kelly Swanson, Funny Motivational Speaker June 3, 2024 3:35 pm

Unlock Epic Tales: Transform Your Speech into a Masterpiece with Our Story Whisperer!

Kelly Swanson, Funny Motivational Speaker May 23, 2024 6:54 pm

Kevin Brown - Endorsement for Kelly Swanson

Kelly Swanson, Funny Motivational Speaker March 9, 2016 8:29 pm

Motivational Speaker Testimonial - Impact of Stories and Humor

Kelly Swanson, Funny Motivational Speaker June 13, 2013 9:21 pm

Motivational Speakers Testimonials for Kelly Swanson

Kelly Swanson, Funny Motivational Speaker August 3, 2013 9:17 pm

Steve B Client Testimonial

Kelly Swanson, Funny Motivational Speaker March 31, 2019 2:16 pm

“I wanted to reach out to you to thank you for being our Keynote Speaker for Day 1 of the CASBO Annual Conference. I appreciate your message and how well you incorporated your story to our members in their various roles in School Business/Operations and our theme of Mentor, Vision and Purpose. You were extremely engaging and did a great job for your live presentation without having an audience present. Thank you again!”

Jamie Dial | Event ManagerCASBO President 2021

“Kelly Swanson was a huge hit as the keynote speaker in our 2019 conference line-up – over 30 in all. Kelly has the perfect blend of talent, energy, insight and humor to inspire audiences. Her message of the power of storytelling is desperately needed in our field (government IT officials). I appreciated that Kelly adapted her presentation to include extra audience interaction, which required a great deal of improvisation to engage our attendees and deepen understanding. She excelled! Kelly is a complete professional in every way. My team loves working with her and she is now a lifelong friend. I highly recommend Kelly without hesitation for any type of event in which you want your audience to be motivated, educated, enlightened and entertained. “

Jack Mortimer | Senior Vice President, e.Republic

“Our Senior VP Events and I met Kelly in 2018 at the annual conference of the National Speakers Association, where we went to find the best of the best.

Kelly ran a workshop for her fellow professional speakers to help them improve their own presentations, and we were amazed. Not only was she a master storyteller herself, but she had a genius for helping others to do the same. We said to each other: “Wow, if she can do this for professional speakers, imagine what she can do for us in IT!” So, we booked her for all our events throughout 2019.

I am writing this testimonial in December 2019, and Kelly has been an absolute pleasure to work with this entire year. She was the keynote for ten of the events I personally ran for our company, but she actually spoke at 36 of our events. She is professional, funny, easy to work with and dependable. What more can you ask for?

It was very impressive to see Kelly build a keynote to fit our niche audience of executive government IT folks. She did a wonderful job educating our attendees on the importance of storytelling in life and business, while making it real to them on how they can apply this skill in their fields.

My favorite part of her session was when she would go into the audience and interview random people to find out what they do, who they help, problems they run into, etc. to pull their story out of them while giving tips on the spot to help tell that story in an impactful way to garner more interested and stakeholder support.

Kelly can motivate anyone while keeping it light and humorous. I definitely recommend her to any business or organization! She has become a good friend and we will definitely be staying in touch.”

Reilly Mortimer | National Conference Director, Government Technology Magazine

“Hi Kelly,

I want you to know that the time I was able to be with you was life changing! I have been in some sort of acting activity most my life. Speech and Drama in High School where my best friend. Later on I would find myself working for Disney World and Sea World in Orlando FL. I would then go on to doing guest appearances on The Travel Channel, A&E, Life and so on. With all this training and TV time, I never linked it to my everyday work as a professional Wedding DJ until I met you!

Yesterday I returned to a wedding show after staying away for two years because the clients seemed to be getting on the real low side of budgets and the leads where 8-10 at most with me booking maybe one or two. However this time, after taking your program, something told me I needed to return.

Yesterday was amazing! Through storytelling I was able to land 27 Brides that want to have a consultation. Largest number ever! I made several cry tears of joy and gave several others goosebumps. And all I did was tell the story we worked on in your session.

You have unlocked something in me that I use to be so passionate about. Something I was really good at and I can’t thank you enough! You are an amazing person and storyteller. We all were so fortunate in having you at the Huddle. I can’ wait to read the book you gave us. I hope you have a blessed week.”

Chris Dedman | Owner

“I just finished reading the second set of evaluations (week two) and just like week one, the attendees found you to be amazing and simply the highlight of the convention. Time and time again the forms listed you or things you said as the most important take away they had from the convention. As a speaker, one does well if they can get people to remember a few things they say. But, if one can change a life through a message, there is no higher praise than that. Thanks for being part of our program. Best wishes in all your future activities. You have a gift!”

Jeff Harrold | Chairman & CEO, Auto-Owners Insurance

“Kelly did her research and delivered a targeted message that had us laughing (really hard) and thinking while totally mesmerized. The “formula” she developed will provide us a guidepost for crafting our own compelling messages going forward. I keep getting stopped in the hallway by people who attended, wanting to thank the team for bringing her in. The timing was perfect. We really needed to let loose and laugh. Kelly made a wonderful impression.”

Sue Hoff | Research and Development, Amway Headquarters

“Our recent Medina County Women’s Conference was a great success, and that success was due, in part, to our outstanding speaker line-up! Thank you so much for accepting our invitation to be an integral part of our program. Describing you and what you brought to all in attendance is not an easy task, but at this moment, two words come to mind: PURE JOY! We could not have asked for a more perfect keynote address. Kelly, you are one of the best we have ever heard! We all left that day with smiles on our faces…thinking of your stories and life experiences, and we will remember you and your message for…well…forever.”

Susan Denton and Sandy Kunkel | Sisters, Inc.

“Kelly Swanson isn’t just one of the best storytellers in the National Speakers Association, she is an artistic genius; a story-crafter par excellence. She understands how to take apart a story and put it back together so that when you deliver it your audience is with you every step of the way. She is generous of spirit, authentic, funny, and a delight to work with.”

Dr Helen Turnbull, PhD, CSP | CEO Human Facets