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Because unless you make someone care, they won’t care.
You’re probably dying from your words.
The other day, I was participating in a Zoom meeting when, after about five minutes, folks began to converse off-camera. Someone made a witty comment, prompting someone else to respond even funnier. Then a few more people joined in. When someone else’s spectacles were admired, the woman responded with a thank you and a link to a store where we could purchase similar ones. Then, after someone made a snide remark about how they believed this meeting would be different, someone else made a snide remark of their own. After that, there was a chat room pile-on. Chatting during a virtual meeting, according to some facilitators, is a terrific form of engagement. Maybe. However, in this instance, it was simply a sign that no one was interested in what the speaker had to say. We preferred to engage in side chats. You’re nodding, and I can tell because I know you’ve been there.

Why then do I bring this up? People may appear to be paying attention, but they are actually tuning you out. You can’t afford for your thoughts to be ignored in the wild business environment we currently find ourselves in, right?

Are you attempting to market your goods or services?

Are you attempting to schedule meetings with individuals via LinkedIn outreach?

Are you rushing to ascertain what your customer requires right now and fulfill it?

Are you conversing with professionals in your field to learn what they are doing that is effective?

Me too.

And I can assure you that I lack the solutions. But I do know this. It was true in the past, and it is truer now than ever. All you have is your words to grab someone’s attention, hold it, pique their interest in what you have to offer, and make a sale.

However, the majority of your phrases direct them to the chat room.

They’re not saying, “Oh my my, we NEED that,” after reading your web copy.

Your videos are only increasing the clamor.

The first line of your letters to strangers is being removed.

I am aware since I have also been there. In some senses, I’m still there. However, knowledge is power.

So let’s try to assist you in fixing your pitch, or anyway you refer to the concise explanation of what you perform, as soon as possible.

For a moment, follow along with me.

What would you say if you were at a virtual Chamber event and had a few minutes to introduce yourself and explain what you do?

If I were being entirely honest with you, I would say that the majority of the time when given the chance to do something similar, my response would be:

Kelly Swanson here. I’m an author, comedian, and motivational speaker. I provided content to the Huffington Post. Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale? and “The Story Formula” were written by myself. I assist individuals in discovering the power of stories. I can present keynotes, workshops, breakout sessions, and one-on-one coaching. And if you need it, I can work virtually. You can learn more about me on my website, and don’t forget to visit my Youtube channel.
Does it operate?

Yeah. Sometimes.

Well. Most likely never. They hire me because they are familiar with me.

When given the chance to describe what they do, hundreds of suppliers have said similar things, in my experience. They do just that, while we contact our buddies and check our watches, explaining what they do and what they have to offer.

I have no interest in that pitch up there. Its potential for power is limitless.

Decide for yourself. Which one do YOU like best? The pitch mentioned above or this new one I created after applying my Persuasion Principle to it?

I’m Kelly Swanson. Hello. Since I’m a comedian and a motivational speaker, I often tell people they can do anything before letting them know I’m joking. People assume that because I’m the one on stage, I am inherently self-assured and have the talent for entertaining others and weaving compelling tales. Although it might seem that way, I wasn’t always like this. I am an introvert who was quite bashful as a child. I would flush red if you were to look at me. Getting on a stage was the LAST thing I ever thought of doing. But I had a comment to make. Apparently, I also have a talent that others felt ought to be made known to the public. However, I didn’t suddenly appear on a stage and succeed overnight. I needed to grow. I needed to study. I have to work on it. I wasn’t a storyteller by nature. I have to put in effort. I still feel uneasy. I keep working on it. However, now that I am aware of the secrets, I do feel more confident. Now that I know the formulas, I can make a presentation that I know will be effective. I am skilled at structuring a tale so that it consistently sells. Another pleasant surprise in my life was learning how to teach others. I’ll never forget the looks on the faces of others who came to me with gifts and messages of their own, wrapped in a thick blanket of fear and buried beneath words that masked their strength. I was able to quickly demonstrate to them how to turn their words into gold. Whenever someone came to me, they always departed with something more potent. therefore the persuasion principle is effective. Someone in this room right now has something incredibly significant to say to the world, something that will alter lives, but it’s hidden by all the other stuff. Allow me to turn your words into gold so you may receive the work you deserve. I didn’t realize it for fifteen years. Let’s accomplish it for you in a single session. What would it mean to you if the leads generated by your words were to increase by threefold? I’ll tell you the biggest mistake you’re probably making if you come to my booth.
It seems obvious to me that the second pitch is superior. But the majority of individuals choose the first option. Most pitches fail because they lack three essential components.

Three Essential Elements of Powerful Pitches

A pitch fails without the required components, just like a cake does. It requires, or rather, must perform, the following three things:

Show me your issue and your suffering.

Show me you understand my suffering on a personal level.

Show me your remedy for my suffering.

We tell folks what we do much too frequently without ever persuading them that they actually need it. People don’t buy what you sell; rather, they buy the transformation you will make in their lives, the problem they believe they have, and the agony they connect with it.

Check to determine if these three essential components are addressed in your vendor pitch, online copy, sales presentation, speech, lead generator, and any other method you use to contact your buyer.

Join my webinar “Ditch the Pitch” this month if you want to dig deeper, learn more about how to do this effectively, and find out how to give your words even MORE power. or simply click the Coaching tab on my website (

Allow me to turn your words into gold in a matter of minutes.

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