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Please don’t sell me fake perfume in the parking lot.
That person is well known to us all. The person with a black canvas bag who is waiting for you in the center of the grocery store parking lot. He twitches and says, “I’ve got your favorite scent for half off.” Your child is crying, you have five minutes to get home before the ice cream melts, and he is banging on your window with a sinister grin asking if you’d like to smell. He needs a few minute to let you know that he has what you need. Yep. who he was.
Some of you fit that description.
It’s possible that you don’t have imitation perfume with you. Your smile is undoubtedly genuine and not weird. But you are about as successful as that guy in the parking lot when you interrupt my hectic schedule to write me a random email expressing your joy that we are linked and your ability to raise my search engine results.
I have five minutes, so please stop pounding on my window while my child is sobbing.
Stop assuming that we are connected simply because we have a connection.
Connection is all about developing relationships, providing value before trying to sell something. All you have if you don’t have that is cheap perfume.
You already know a lot of the things I wish you would quit doing. But let me tell you what I really want you to DO.
Discuss your proposed remedy and the issues it resolves.
Describe the suffering and feelings of those you assist.
Tell me why you are so concerned.
Explain to me how you dealt with a comparable issue in your own life and how it affected you. Then, take a moment to explain how your solution will change my life.
How are you able to do that? One excellent tale and I might just buy that perfume right now.

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