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Okay. I get it. We need to be using stories in business as a tool and how to connect and engage. But I’m a bank teller. The last thing I have time for is storytelling. How do I connect then?

Strategic Storytelling Business Tip from Kelly SwansonConnecting Through Story When There Is No Story

As a keynote speaker, speaking on the power of story to connect and engage in business, I find myself with a line of people waiting to talk to me when I’m through. They are excited. They get the power of story. They understand my Trojan Horse philosophy. But many of them, despite their industry, have the same issue. How to apply this to everyone in the organization – how to teach this skill when it has a more subtle application. It’s easy to see how the business owners, the sales reps, the marketing team, and the leaders will use story – but not as easy to see how it trickles down to the other jobs.  In short, how do they tell a story when they don’t have time to write or tell a story?

For today’s article, I’m going to use a specific industry and job – people giving college tours to potential students and their parents.

The first thing I want to point out, is that we are still using story, in a very condensed and unscripted way, in that we are still following the triangle in the Trojan Horse philosophy of connection:  my story, the company story, and your story.  I still stand firm on the principle that in order to influence on an emotional level, it still requires revealing a bit of your story, a bit of theirs, and tying that to the story of the company.  But in

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