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I just finished discussing influence with a group of IT professionals, and one of the most frequently asked questions was, “How can I get my employees on board with this new project?” A good query. Everyone is aware that people detest change. Right?


People dislike change less when they are unprepared for it. By demonstrating the change to them rather than merely telling them about it, you can reduce their fear and skepticism.

Telling doesn’t persuade since evidence and data don’t convince. As a result of showing rather than telling, stories are an effective persuasion tactic. Telling people what to do versus motivating them to do it is the difference.

We actually drove my son to school on the day before kindergarten started. While still holding their parents’ hands, all the children experienced what it would be like to stroll through a school day. As a result of knowing what to expect and having their anxieties allayed, their nervousness has decreased on the first day. The kids had a chance to “test drive” school.

You can let folks know that a great shift is on the way. But it’s likely that they will be anxious and fabricate a bad scenario in their minds. Better would be to grasp their hands while demonstrating how the change will feel.

But remember this vital information:

This narrative isn’t about your project, what you want it to accomplish, or how you want the characters to behave. This tale is about THEIR aspirations and anxieties. How does it benefit them? Showing people you care about what THEY care about is the key to engaging them in your project. Sell their tale instead of yours.
Story enables your staff to experience the project firsthand and gauge its beneficial effects.

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