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Here we go….more advice for executives from someone who’s never been one.

Yeah. Kind of, in my opinion, what’s wrong with the world. People who are giving you leadership advice but have never actually had a leadership position. People that claim to know the secret to being wealthy haven’t succeeded themselves, though. The same old information is rehashed in magazine articles that claim to have the key to effective speaking. Let me start by stating the following: I’ve never been in your shoes, therefore I have no concept how it feels. What it took to get you where you are is beyond my comprehension. I have very little understanding of the daily challenges you confront. I doubt I’ll ever understand what it’s like to be you. However, I’m writing this piece to provide you guidance. At least you can describe me as confident.

However, I do believe what I have to say will be helpful to you. Rather than because I have walked in your shoes, I have walked in the shoes of your people. Yes, all of those individuals you are attempting to lead. People like that. Additionally, I can see something that you cannot. They are speaking behind your back, and I can hear them. So continue reading if you’re willing to take a moment to consider things from a new angle.

The View from My Seat

For the past 20 years, it has been my responsibility to uplift, enthrall, and inspire the masses. to inspire them. to exhort them to look past their difficulties. to motivate people to pursue greater levels of productivity, tranquility, and enthusiasm. to rekindle their passion for their work, so that they can return to it with greater vigor. If you wish, you can mock motivational speakers, but when done correctly, they can make the difference between telling people what to do and inspiring them to take action. You already understand the difference between a motivated team and one that is not. Or a buyer who is motivated to make a purchase and a buyer who is not.

I have sat in the back of company meetings, association events, community gatherings, and countless other virtual “water coolers” where business people congregate in my capacity as a motivational speaker and storytelling expert. They aren’t telling you what I hear. You don’t see what I see. In a way that you might not, I can identify with them. I’ve seen the executive stand up to talk and drain the vitality from the room. Yet in an hour, I, a total stranger, may stand up and have them in the palm of my hand with a message that will change their lives. I develop into their biggest fan. There’s a problem with that image.

YOU ought to be their biggest supporter.

Yes, I am aware that your relationship with them involves more. Years are available to erect or knock down walls. I can understand why the motivational speaker has that transitory allure, just as our child adores the eccentric aunt who flies in once a year and delivers gifts. But ultimately, I want you to have the same impact on them that I do when you stand to speak. There is no reason you can’t be the one who makes them smile, sob, or feel something. There is no reason you cannot be the one to inspire and motivate them.

The most recent Gallup poll indicates that more than 70% of our workforce is disengaged. It is expected to increase to over 80% in around 5 years if this is left uncontrolled. Wow. Consider that. Imagine if 80 percent of your workforce is only going through the motions. Consider all the workers who have checked out but haven’t yet left. a sobering idea

Perhaps HR should be in charge of solving that issue. But even with my limited experience managing teams and events for my own company, I have observed that everything begins at the top. The conductors of this symphony are the leads.

You may be asking why I spent so much time explaining why this is important when you already understand the importance of presentation skills. My husband would say right now, “Let’s just get to the facts.” But what use are facts if your perspective is off? I need you to lean in right now.

Most presentations have the improper perspective rather than a lack of useful speaking advice. I’m not going to give you ten things to do today. I’d want to give you something to consider. The things you do will change when you alter this one thing, which is how you perceive everything.

Stop attempting to be a good presenter.
This information is becoming more widespread in the speaking industry, but it may not have reached your company or the way that speaking fits into your employment. The days of being effective with a flawless presentation, three excellent talking points, and a poem are over.

It’s more important to start genuine, organic interactions from the podium rather than focus on crafting effective speeches.
While it can be a completely different perspective for you, one that calls for learning new skills and stepping outside of your comfort zone, it should also be liberating. Because the executive will find this method much easier. more organic more interesting possibly less time-consuming.

The change I want you to make is as follows:

Stop talking and start connecting instead.

Influence Relies on Relationships
Your objective is not to address the audience from behind that podium while using a well-timed slide presentation, the appropriate vocal accent, and a carefully written set of words. The gap between you and your people must be bridged. both to help them find you and to demonstrate that you understand them. to become likeable and human. to show them that you understand where they are coming from and how you have been in their shoes. Your aim is to effectively sell your vision and mission rather than simply state them. You want to inspire people, not control them. to link them to the larger reason. How can be addressed later. What draws them in is the why. Showing them the value of their contribution to the bottom line and the overall impact on the world is your objective—do not tell them this. Not only do you want to influence their thoughts and knowledge, but also how they feel about you, about themselves, about the business, and about the clients and coworkers they work with. The magic lies in how we make people FEEL, after all.

We follow those that we like, trust, believe in, and feel familiar with.

Instead of creating a presentation that just transmits the relevant information. Consider all I’ve just said. How would you go about doing this in a casual way? Simply being conscious as you begin to put together your presentation will work miracles.

This is my last bit of advise, so just believe me. I’ll go into greater detail later. Only STORY is capable of what I just mentioned. Data, information, and talking points cannot elicit emotions in individuals. Don’t just take my word for it; science has verified it.

The instrument that helps you convey what you need to say in a way that your audience will understand is story.
Okay. You don’t need to think about anything else today. Consider this fresh angle for a while. Come find me when you’re prepared to put it into practice. That is my favorite place to play and my specialty. I’ve spent my entire life practicing and studying it. I may not have executive skills, but I do know how to give your words more impact.

It’s time for YOU to take center stage on that platform.

More Assistance
This sounds amazing, however I’m not a good writer and have no idea how to do it.
I’m overworked. I need assistance in determining the best way to express what I want to convey.
I frequently have to give speeches. I wish someone was always available to me.
My folks also require this. Everyone needs to learn how to tell the brand’s narrative well.
I’d like to learn the methods and formulae for telling good stories.
On that platform, I want to be the rock star, and I want everyone to talk about me rather than the speaker all day.
I can help if you’ve thought about any of these things. Simply send me an email at to arrange your free consultation. We’ll talk about your needs and problems, and I’ll put together a specially tailored plan to suit your needs in terms of time, money, and goals.

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