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I posed the following query to those in my neighborhood:

What would you say if you had a brief opportunity to introduce yourself at a Chamber of Commerce event and knew that the audience included potential customers?
I took one of the responses and, with his OK, gave it a slight modification. Which do YOU believe would result in more leads?

Greg’s Response / Earlier:

Hello, my name is Greg. What percentage of you had a birthday this year? Wow, everyone, it appears that you are all accustomed to change. While some of you have lives so wonderful you wouldn’t change a thing, others have a few things they’d like to change but haven’t yet, and still others are in a painful situation where they must make the change “or else,” we’re never really afraid of change; rather, we’re afraid of what the change means we’ll have to leave behind. Leave behind familiar relationships and a way of life because we’re terrified of losing them. As a result, we accept the status quo because we think it will be less painful than change. I assist people in breaking the thought, behavior, and lifestyle habits that prevent us from making meaningful and lasting change.

My Changes / After:

Hi. I’m Greg, and I specialize in disruption. I can hear you saying, “Oh fantastic. another authority on disruption. The third person I’ve met today is you. I assist teams and leaders in navigating business disruptions, which every firm faces but few truly address.

Life is what occurs while you’re busy making plans, according to someone once. I am the best at understanding that. 2020 was supposed to be a record year for my company. My projects and sources of income were all synchronizing well. Then, almost immediately, one word—virus—changed everything. And in less than a month, everything changed. Talk about a disturbance. all that I had fought for. I was certain of everything I knew. completely transformed The most terrifying aspect was that I couldn’t predict what would happen next. When there is no light to lead the way out of the fog, how do you escape it? How can the current disturbance be prevented from becoming your new norm?

I went through all the expected phases, including denial, rage, and bargaining. I also learned to manage what I can and accept what I couldn’t. Then I reached the turning point in the state of disruption that everyone reaches but few make it through. The phase I refer to as “Letting Go” in my book. At that point, I inhaled deeply and started acting on what I had spoken. implementing the same tactics I’ve been using to lead teams for 20 years. And then, one day, I saw the end of my dark tunnel. and another one follows. I quickly went from feeling anxious and panicked to being excited. And last month, my revenue was considerably higher than I had anticipated. Once more, my formula was successful.

I won’t claim to know what will happen. Or that I know the answer to what is going on in your life or business in some strange way. However, I am asserting that opportunity exists despite any disturbance. Power exists that is incomprehensible. And the majority miss it. In order to prevent disruption from becoming your new normal, I would want to demonstrate my tried-and-true strategy for team building.

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