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For Speakers Who Wonder Exactly What It Is I Can Help Them Do

My Speech Coaching Process can help you if you’re going to command big fees, big stages, and get them to line up when you’re through, and wanting to buy more. It will help you do more than knock out a speech in a day.

The market is crowded and filled with great speakers.  I just heard a panel of high level meeting planners say that the future of speaking is EDUTAINMENT (education plus entertainment).  This means that now more than ever, you’d better wrap your content in an amazing experience or you will get lost in the shuffle fast.  This means that relying on your expertise alone is a bad move. This means that you are more than an expert who speaks. It means you are an expert who’d better be an entertainer too.  Or at the very least entertaining.

When I help people with their speeches, that’s my goal.  To help take your words and make them more powerful – more dramatic – more emotional – and just….more.

And one more thing…….I don’t help you write like Kelly Swanson or talk like Kelly Swanson or tell stories like Kelly Swanson.  My goal is to help you craft words that are organic and authentic to YOU. I don’t want you to be me. I’m already taken.

What Do I Look For In a Speech?

Many people work with me on their stories. Working on one story is a smaller project with a measured outcome.  Working on an entire speech is a much bigger project. Here is the process I follow – or rather the things I look at. Not always in this order. It is a creative process after all.

Now you see why I cringe when people say Let me teach you how to knock out a speech in an hour.

Kelly Swanson at one of her Speech Coaching Workshop

Who does what?

Our relationship is like tennis. You send me something, I review, give feedback, and you go off and do the work. You send it back to me. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

As a coach, I suggest, you write.

BUT………in some cases, with your permission, it will be easier and faster for me to jump in and just write pieces of it for you.  We’ll figure that out when/if the time comes.

If you’re really looking for someone to write the whole thing for you – I certainly offer that – but at a much higher price. For obvious reasons.

I’m feeling a little vulnerable – worried you won’t like my stuff

Yeah. I get it.  I still feel nervous when I have to put my speech in front of other speakers or coaches to be judged.  I think it’s because I will find out that I’m not good enough, chose the wrong profession, or whatever deep fear is lurking.  So let’s address that right now.

This is an artist’s studio. You’re walking into my studio and throwing your clay up on the table.  We stand and look at what the clay needs.  Maybe a splash of red.  No? Don’t like red? What about blue?  We push and mold and you see if you like it.  We may create and not like the way it looks, and we smash it up again.  I’m helping you mold the clay.  I’m looking at this like an artist.  My brain is seeing how your words can be molded in a new way. I don’t have time to judge you.  It’s not my job to see where you rank or decide if you are good enough. My job is to be your creative muse.

And, by the way.  I’ve never met a speaker I couldn’t help in some way.  There was one speaker who most of the world might say would never make it.  But when we were through, she had in her hands the best speech I have ever heard.  “Just go read it,” I told her. “That’s all you need to do. Just read the darn thing and it will be magical.”  I was right.

At the end of the day, the audience wants you to do well. They are waiting to be moved.  They don’t care how you do it.

OMG! Count me in! What do I do next?

OK. Here’s the deal.  I have  a lot of different ways you can work with me, learn from me, have access to me.  So many that I don’t want to overwhelm you, or give you more work to do.  That’s why for all my clients, it starts with one consulting call, where we talk about what you are looking for, the time you have, and the budget you are working with.  We’ll talk about whether you want to be a student or have a coach, or both – whether you want to work solo or in a small group setting.  Then I will create the customized experience to fit YOU. It’s that easy.

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