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Remember the Trojan Horse Story?

The Trojan Horse is a story from the Trojan war, when the Greeks, facing a losing battle, decided to use their brain instead of their brawn. They crafted a giant wooden horse as a “gift” for the Trojans. Once the Greeks delivered the gift, they sailed off while the Trojans pulled the horse into the city as a trophy. But the horse wasn’t just a horse, it was filled with Greek soldiers who surprised the Trojans and destroyed the city of Troy, ending the war.  This is where we get the expression “Trojan Horse” which refers to the strategy of finding a subtle way into your opponent’s safe place.

The Battlefield of Persuasion

While influencing others isn’t a battle, we are still trying to get into the mind and, even more importantly, the heart of our listener, where true impact takes place. To influence is to win them over to our way of thinking.  We are armed with information, data, lessons, features, benefits, slick presentations, fancy promo materials, compliments,  gifts, quality service,  and other tools to persuade our opponent. While the economy has changed our battlefield, many soldiers are still standing outside the city of Troy trying to win by force.

The battle of persuasion isn’t won by force.

True impact happens when you can find a way into their safe place, past the barriers that stand in the way of entry.

Story Is Your Trojan Horse

Are you the sales guy standing outside the city of Troy waving your sword and yelling, while your competitor has already passed you, in a Trojan horse?

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