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Like it or not, Game of Thrones captivated a nation. I didn’t want to watch it. I didn’t want to like it. “It’s not my kind of show,” I said. And by the second episode I was hooked. The final season has been the talk of water coolers, social media, and news channels all over the world. Fans are crazed over an ending they don’t like – enough for millions to sign petitions. Over a show! I still miss the characters who were killed off. I still want to buy my own dragon.


Tyrion Lannister said it best in the final episode.

I have spent my life standing in the power of stories and watching how they move people in a way that nothing else can. Game of Thrones has proven to me and to the world, the unshakeable power of a story.

What can we take from Tyrion?

All of us at some point in time will be called to influence others. Whether it’s in our home, our community, or in our company. When this moment comes, our tendency will be to focus on what we want to say. But the real power comes, not in getting people to buy into our words, but getting them to buy into our story.

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