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I recently had the honor of presiding as the conference’s emcee. I was responsible for introducing 11 speakers, making announcements, and maintaining the timetable. Being a keynote speaker for more than 15 years, I thought it would be simple. How difficult could it possibly be to just introduce people? Anyone can carry that out. After all, isn’t it only a matter of having tremendous energy and the ability to read with expression?


I came to understand that an emcee’s responsibilities go much beyond what I had imagined. Here are some things I discovered that would enable you to be the emcee that people want to employ for their event rather than just the emcee who does the job.

Yes, anyone can get up, speak into a microphone, and read a prologue. That’s accurate. And there are several emcees that won’t perform any further and wonder why they aren’t booked more often.

Why not just find someone to volunteer for free if all the customer wants is someone who can read with expression? They are capable of doing that on their own.

However, clients hire emcees for more than merely making announcements. It takes more to be a GREAT emcee.

A specific set of talents are necessary to become a professional emcee (that people wish to hire). It’s more difficult than you might imagine. They could make it appear simple. However, the majority of excellent emcees have spent years honing their art, their timing, and their capacity for audience interaction.

I have spoken on stages before as a keynote speaker. Emceeing, however, is not the same as being one. Here are some things I discovered from the experience that can help you succeed in your emcee role.

It’s not about you, first.

Making THEM appear good is the task at hand. You are not the star of the show. You’re present to assist with the major event. Don’t hog the attention. Don’t use your introduction as an opportunity to give a quick speech and go on camera. gaudy, gaudy, gaudy. Additionally, it is not your responsibility.

  1. Alright, so it’s a little bit about you.

You don’t want to blend in so well that people overlook you and assume you’re a waiter. In order for them to recommend you to others or hire you for an event, you want them to remember you. You certainly want them to gush about you. Therefore, without demanding too much of their attention, you must gradually win their affection. It is difficult to accomplish this. It requires talent, practice, and the ability to make the most of your words.

  1. Discover the client’s preferences.

Find out from them how long you can wait between speakers. Ask if there is time to perform a brief comedy routine or tell a short story here and there. How much free time do you have? You have to announce everything and keep things going. You must respect that. If I did, the client wouldn’t have any free time. I was only able to add a few sentences.

  1. Try to get the audience going before you begin acting as the emcee.

If you’ve had an opportunity to get to know your audience, playing the announcer is considerably simpler. Make a personal connection by telling a tale, introducing yourself, and cracking a few jokes. Then, when you take on the emcee job, you already have friends. To make the event more enjoyable for the attendees and to warm up the crowd, request 15 minutes from your client at the start of the event before you take over as the emcee.

  1. Avoid preparing your remarks in advance.

As a heavy scripter, I was anxious to know in advance what amusing things I would say. I had some prepared items when I arrived, but it didn’t feel right and I wasn’t sure how to include them. I ultimately had to discard those notes, have faith in my abilities, be fully present and in the moment, and allow my personality take over. It was frightening, but I kept telling myself that my role was to assist the main event rather than be the main event. Better than prepared jokes and lines are ones that are spontaneous and personal.

  1. Stress the importance of the recent and upcoming actions.

It’s good when the emcee can comment on what the previous speaker just stated and then connect it to what the following speaker will discuss. The best individual to bring everything together is the emcee.

  1. Don’t just give sponsors lip service.

In many situations, the event’s sponsors are providing the majority of the funding. And occasionally, all they receive is a quick thank you. Being the emcee gives you the opportunity to truly acknowledge them, thank them, joke about with them on stage, and do other things that highlight their presence. To be able to mention the big sponsors’ names from the stage, you’ll need to do some research on who they are, what they do, and meet them in person.

  1. Strengthen the host’s reputation.

You want to impress your meeting planner like a rock star. laud the host Praise the individuals who organized the event. Discuss the advantages of being a member of that organization and attending events like this.

  1. Don’t be scared to interact with the audience and to deviate from the script.

Delivering the printed lines is only one part of this. The goal here is to interact with your audience. Don’t be hesitant to complement someone’s attire, make a comment about how they danced last night, or inquire as to whether there are still any muffins available. These insignificant details help you connect with your audience and foster a sense of shared experience.

  1. Discover a strategy to keep your audience interested throughout the entire event.

Emcees, in my opinion, should make a concerted effort to pique the audience’s interest, keep them coming back, and keep them awake. It’s what our meeting planner wants, and we can make sure she gets it. So why not use your imagination? What if you could design a game that they play throughout the entire event, returning to it each time you get up? Which type of game? Bingo, obviously! You may adjust it for your target demographic and subject, and it’s quick and simple. Wouldn’t that be awesome and enjoyable! If you do anything similar, you’ll emcee like a rock star.

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