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Motivational Speaker's happy audienceWhy Motivational Speakers Belong In Your Line Up

Motivational Speakers add value to your conference. They don’t want “rah-rah”, then want content.

Really? Are you sure?

There is no question that education is an important part of a business conference.  Your audience has invested time, energy, and money to be there and you need to deliver.  Getting their brains challenged and their pens moving is definitely a way to give them a strong return on investment.

But the experience you provide is just as important.

Don’t believe me? Check out what they write on their evaluations. People get just as angry (if not more) over the food and the temperature as they do over the speakers.  That’s about the experience. Yes, people want to learn, and to network, and to be updated – but they want to have fun doing it. They want to be energized, not bored out of their minds. And the last thing they want is a data dump.  Don’t believe me? Just put them in a seat all day long and feed them information all day long, and see how many are awake at the end.

Motivational Speaker with a feathery scarf onIt’s been proven that people don’t remember what you make them think, as much as they remember how you made them feel.  How you made them feel ranks higher. Every time. Research backs this up.

That’s what we do as motivational speakers – we wrap our content in a way that makes them feel something.  We all have different ways to get there -different styles and different techniques – but our goal is the same – to create an unforgettable experience. Because an unforgettable experience translates to an unforgettable conference.

If you get a motivational speaker who really knows what they’re doing (hint, hint) then that speaker can also truly motivate your people in a specific customized way – to reinforce your brand, your message, and the training you are delivering to your people.  Telling people what they need to do, is not the same thing as making them want to do it.  Send them away with the information AND the inspiration, and you have a winning combination.

Next time you are planning an event, and wondering whether that motivational speaker is really worth it, you might want to think again.

The two most important moments of a conference are the opening and the closing. The opening keynote sets the tone and the closing keynote sends them off with a memory. Motivational speakers are designed for these moments. Get a good one, and you can count on your people coming back again next year, and raving about it to all their friends.Motivational Speaker on Stage a the Toastmaster's Convention

What? You need a motivational speaker? What a coincidence! I know just the person…….

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