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What Catch’s YOUR Eye?
I use social media extensively. I chuckle I cry. I take in music. I buy things. I get in touch with my pals. I research popular videos and sharing platforms. I’ve discovered that a video’s likelihood of being shared decreases as it gets finer. I never see anyone sharing slick, professional, high-quality videos that appear to be advertisements. However, a video of the woman eating a jalapeno in her kitchen quickly becomes popular. My saved files file has the picture of the man dancing in a Speedo beside the pool. The stories that bring you to tears and make you laugh are the ones that we tell all of our friends. the ones with the nicely attired individuals in front of the ideal backgrounds and lovely bold letters? Not really. commercial in feel. feels tacked on. It appears as though you are preparing to make a sale to me. Doesn’t seem genuine. I never distribute those movies.

The same phenomenon occurs whenever we see a polished sales presentation. Do we trust the man in the three-piece suit with the too white teeth, who has every phrase thought out and smiles at the command? Do we believe that person? No. He’s too polished, that’s why.

When we listen to a speaker who is too polished, exactly this occurs. Each word is flawless. Half-masted arms are raised. Perma-grin. Every action was planned. Even though we might consider that to be a “wonderful performance,” it actually hinders our ability to engage with the audience. because connection happens outside of performance.

This lesson was hard for me to learn. I used to be very performance-oriented, trying to make the most of every opportunity. But the actual magic didn’t start working until I started embarrassing myself on stage. Standing ovations and seeing lives change in an instant didn’t start happening until I was willing to be stupid, accept my mistakes, reveal emotions, get real, be vulnerable, and not be excessively polished.


Since people relate to things they can relate to. Perfect is also alien to the majority of people. In you, they hope to recognize themselves.

Real Outshines Perfect
I used to believe that the success of my keynote speeches kept my schedule booked. While the time and effort I put into honing my art undoubtedly improves my speaking abilities, there is actually something else that carries much more weight.


Don’t stress too much on having the perfect posture while you prepare for your next speech. Don’t worry if not every word is precisely prepared. Individuals buy from people they like, trust, believe in, and feel like they know, so take the time to allow them get to know you as a person.

the positive news You already meet the requirements. There is no need for you to insert yourself into the speech. Be who you are. Not the ideal you, but the genuine you.

Always go with YOU. Unless you are awful. then decide on Batman. Batman is the only option.
Sorry. I was powerless to refrain.

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