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Instead of selling the data, tell the story instead.
I recently had the privilege of sharing my Story Formula as a motivational speaker and strategic storytelling specialist at a weekend retreat in Texas for a non-profit organization called Chicktime (, which, by the way, has quickly become my favorite charity initiative out there. They successfully held onto my heart. The Chicktime Movement has gained my support.

Why? owing to their stories.

I was aware of the numbers. I was aware of the necessity. I already understood the advantages. But I wasn’t persuaded until I immersed myself in their stories. I’ll talk more about it later. In terms of the tale, I want to concentrate for the moment on what happened over the weekend.

The leaders from throughout the US who were in charge of enlisting volunteers, raising funds, and building brand awareness were gathered at the retreat. Their passion for their mission was palpable. The most devoted among the devoted were these. They were already fervent in their pursuit of their goal, which was to transform the world for the following generation by matching the talents and interests of local women with the children in group homes who needed them the most.

Really nice, huh?

The biggest challenge these leaders faced in the past was finding volunteers and leaders. Recruiting individuals who will not be paid for their services might be fairly difficult. What a difficult sale!

Together, we were able to start to understand why they were having such a problem. They were trying to persuade people by using facts. Facts don’t influence, as anyone who has ever read one of my articles knows. The only thing that can sway people’s emotions is a good narrative.

I demonstrated for them the differences between selling a FACT and selling a STORY. Their excitement as they realized how much more impactful their own tale might be was contagious. They had noticed the difference, and they immediately grew to love the Story Formula.

I want you to see the difference today. I want you to first picture this nonprofit approaching you and asking for assistance. Statistical data that shows how much the community needs you. It should be similar to any previous time someone has asked you to serve them or make a purchase.


I want you to read one person’s account and see if that doesn’t affect you more than being informed of the truth. In this instance, you receive two treats. After the narrative has gone through the Story Formula, you receive the first draft and the second draft. I want you to understand the potential of a tale as a tool, not only as a tool for pitching, and how much more effective it can be.

Enjoy reading about the before and after, and I hope it motivates you to include tales in your pitches.

Story of a Nonprofit Case Study
The leaders began by giving what they mistook for stories but were actually just facts and data. I showed them how to take those facts and craft a clever tale out of them.

One leader used her information to create the following:

The First Draft of Melissa’s Story:

Do you ever get a nagging feeling in your heart that you might be doing more to assist but are unsure of how? The state of the world today appears to be out of control! Role models are hard to come by for the younger generation since there is so much television rubbish to watch and because they are so focused on trying to fit in with their schoolmates’ cliques. Do you ever wonder why nothing is being done about the situation?

So how about you? These are also my thoughts. What about me? was a question I had to ask.

I have a desire to help people, and when I do so, I feel happy and confident. But after I lost my enthusiasm for leading the church’s youth group, I resigned and felt completely adrift. I wasn’t helping as much as I could, but I was finding it more difficult to manage a large bunch of unruly, sugar-addled first graders. I wished I could still influence the world, but how? I participated in a variety of volunteer endeavors, including beach clean-ups, assisting with the packing of food for the needy at warehouses, and serving veterans supper in group homes as they transition out of the military. None of these satisfied me, so I kept searching for something bigger.

Prior to my first event at Chicktime, I had the same idea as the Sunday school I taught at my church: I would hang out with the kids and show them how to embellish their creations. On my busy Saturday, I decided to tick the “volunteer” box before moving on to the next thing. But I soon discovered that the children at Casa really teach me more about love, life, and faith than I ever could. See, if you have a problem and want to solve it, look for a greater issue. That’s what I mean when I say to put things in perspective rather than to ruin your life. I don’t have as many issues as the children at Casa have. Although they may come across as distant, these are the kinds of kids I used to steer clear of when I spotted them at the mall or park. They appear aggressive and tough. They most likely are. However, these kids are still just that—children. Many of the children at Casa have gone through experiences that they should never, if ever, have had to. They are going through a difficult time in their life. However, we can help them to see beyond their current situation. For these youngsters who lack hope, we can be that.

I didn’t feel like I had just ticked the “volunteer” box after my first event. I’d observed these fearsome, tough, and irate kids working on a project. They also grinned. and chuckled. and taught each other how to style their hair a little more cutely, while I demonstrated how to embellish their work. Although it was only for a little period of time, I believe I had an impact on their outlook on life as they had on mine. I took part in it, and it was lovely. Imagine what you could accomplish if I could even make one of these children smile.

Chicktime is a group of ladies that aim to change the world by assisting the younger generation; it is more than just a weekly event. Please come to our upcoming event if you want to be a part of something bigger. Please contact Joann/Andrea by XXX to RSVP for our event at XXXX. Please forward this blog to anyone else you believe should receive this message.

I took it after that and turned it into something by using some of The Story Formula’s tactics.

Second Draft of Melissa’s Story

Having a need for more…

Do you ever consider how our children will be affected by the world we live in? With reality television that teaches kids lessons they shouldn’t be learning, role models who extol unattainable futures, and school environments where kids try so hard to fit in that they’ll do anything to get there. It gives a bleak impression. I don’t know about you, but these kids make my heart ache, especially the ones who have been abandoned or betrayed by the people who ought to care about them the most.

I’ve always been a supporter of helping others and giving back. It’s how I derive meaning and purpose from my existence. I was able to accomplish that in my church. But eventually, it wasn’t sufficient for me. I began to feel a little disoriented, as though I was just going through the motions and that I should be somewhere else. My heart kept sobbing for the unmet needs of the children who are abandoned and have no one to turn to. I knew that I was being called, but I couldn’t place it. Then I heard about Chicktime from someone.

It only took one occasion for me to fall in love with the Chicktime movement and the concept of matching women’s talents and interests with young people who most need them. It’s difficult to explain, but I could sense the enthusiasm and spirit of those who were genuinely committed to influencing the future generation via tiny, straightforward acts of service from the very first event.

Chicktime’s simplicity is what I appreciate about it. You may get in and offer assistance. These kids just need you; they don’t need anything extravagant. sit down with them. Listen to them. With them, have fun. help them rediscover their sense of direction and home. to demonstrate to them the existence of those who will cherish them. The young people living in these group homes need to be aware that there are ladies out there who will genuinely care for them.

Although I believed I had entered Chicktime to serve, the reality was somewhat different. My life has changed since I spent time with those kids. Because I merely offered to read her a book, a shy child’s smile of happiness has given me purpose and meaning.

I’m still concerned about our kids’ future. That remains the same. But right now, I’m doing action. Let me show you someone who lacks hope if you believe that giving hope to just one youngster is insignificant.

If you experience the same strong urge to act. If there is a pull in your heart telling you that you need more. Or if you have experienced firsthand what it’s like to be unloved. If so, it could be time for you to join the Chicktime movement. Considering that you might be the only hope that kid has.

If you would like to share your gifts with those who need them the most, kindly email me at (address). Your life will change as I guarantee it.


This case study presents a typical before-and-after scenario. As you consider your own stories, I hope it motivates you. It’s possible that you chose a “first draft” version of your story when it has the potential to be far more compelling.

More case studies are forthcoming. Remain tuned.

Have questions about your own stories? Please consider what I have to offer:
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